The Next Chapter for Snowmass Village’s Mayor—Markey Butler

The Rulon Kelly Team had the pleasure of sitting down with the wonderful Markey Butler to discuss what she plans on doing in life after being mayor of Snowmass Village. Butler has been mayor of Snowmass Village since 2014 and was the first ever woman to rule the town in it's 40+ year history. She has been serving the community for 14 years including 6 years on Town Council and 6 years as mayor. During Butler's tenure as mayor, she got a comprehensive plan approved, she focused on key areas for growth including: the Snowmass Mall, Snowmass Center and of course, Base Village. Using the “just big enough” concept as her litmus test, she has approved new developments, restricted the number of development zones, found ways to add more employee housing. Markey has served as vice chair of the RFTA board, chair of the Pitkin County Heath Board, is an EOTC elected official working on the transit committee, and has worked tirelessly with other mayors in the Aspen Valley to make this place home for so many! There are two candidates running for Snowmass mayor next and five candidates running for Snowmass Town Council, with only two seats to fill for town council.

Full interview below. 

What was your greatest accomplishment as mayor? 

I'd have to say, Base Village. When I became mayor, what I saw at Base Village was a lot of rebar, weeds growing on top of the parking garage and it was a disaster zone. I was elected to Town Council in 2008 after serving as member and chair of the Planning Commission. I lived through the many iterations of Base Village, from bankruptcy through the recession, and only when Related sold Base Village to a partnership comprised of EastWest, Aspen Skiing Company, and KSL, was progress made towards an eye on finishing the Base Village. The approval to restart building BV was in Dec., 2015, which included the Limelight,the Lumen, the Collective, Snowmass One, and many other commercial businesses. This past Monday, five new buildings were approved for Base Village including phase 2 of the Viceroy, one of the buildings will have a swimming pool for BV owners, as well as, the re-growth and re-birth of Snowmass. My goal is to get the Fanny Hill townhomes approved by the November 3rd election. I've also helped tremendously in the regrowth of the Snowmass Center and final approval will be on or before the swearing in of our new mayor (11/16/20). I work with a great council and have been very blessed. 
How much has changed about this town since you first moved to Snowmass Village? 
*Chuckles* Well in the 1980s, I bought property at the Enclave and Base Village was not even a thought...that should give you some perspective. 
What will you miss the most about being mayor? 
I have truly enjoyed working with all of the current Town Council members, who have worked together over the past 6 years to bring about the rebirth of our special Village. 
What will you miss the least about being mayor? 
I certainly will not miss reading the whole package (budget) that can be 100+ pages long and all the preparation that goes into it before appearing before the community. 
What was the best part about being mayor? 
My favorite part about being mayor was working with so many people throughout our community including the residents, part-time homeowners, various boards and commissions, town council and town staff. As I said before, I'm really just going to miss everyone!
What comes next in life after being mayor? 
Well, hopefully sell my house and move! *Butler laughs* Not out of the area, but to a smaller place in Snowmass. Know anyone who wants a 5,000(+/-) square-foot house?”
Do you have any advice for whomever takes your place? 
Butler starts with, "oh boy...Snowmass Sun asked me the same question!" I guess more than anything what I would say is: LISTEN! Be an effective facilitator and communicator, focus on the aspiration statement of Snowmass Village as you guide the town council and staff.


Markey Butler

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