Snowmass Club, An Interview with Rick Sussman

The Snowmass Club is a private member's club located in Snowmass Village, Colorado that offers a beautiful golf course, athletic club, outdoor and indoor tennis courts and year-round pools. The Rulon Kelly Team had the pleasure of meeting Rick Sussman, Chief Operating Officer of The Snowmass Club, to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business and where he sees the club in 5 years. Read full interview below. 

Tell me more about the 2020 renovations and when they're due to be completed: 
The Black Saddle Restaurant renovation has been completed! The Black Saddle is located at the Snowmass Club golf clubhouse and is surrounded by gorgeous ponds, accompanied by great views. The bar & grille offers club-quality fare for lunch and dinner, as well as, a full bar and wine and beer. Photos below of the new look and feel of The Black Saddle: 

Entrance of Black Saddle Bar & Grill

New Indoor Dining Area

Patio Area with views of The Snowmass Club's golf course

Gorgeous views of Snowmass Village surrounding Black Saddle Bar & Grill

The athletic club and spa renovation is due to be completed in September 2020. 

How has this pandemic effected the Snowmass Club?
It has been very challenging - no different than any other business in our community. We had to shut down for an extended period of time and did our very best to communicate to our members the precautions we had to take while keeping them involved and providing value to them because of their ongoing costs. The Snowmass Club had to furlough a lot of staff and thankfully, received a PPE loan, which made them able to bring everyone back on board when we re-opened. It's been a challenge regulating all the rules and regulations to our members and staff and trying to keep up with the constant changes. We have committed to regular health checks of our staff and hugely committed to sanitation measures, bringing on eight full-time housekeepers. Everything at the Snowmass Club is open on a limited basis. 

How did the pandemic make the club better? 
*Rick laughs* The Snowmass Club is certainly cleaner and we have elevated and instituted some touch-less projects! Our housekeepers are cleaning around the clock to provide our members a safe environment. 

Any long-term thoughts on what other amenities the club can provide? 
Our biggest requested item is having some kind of an on-mountain ski club with access for members including lockers. Currently, ski equipment for members is stored and we have to haul it on a bus and it's not overly convenient. Hopefully in the near future, we can provide our members a private area during the ski season as this is the most commonly requested amenity we can improve on. 

What amenities does the club currently offer? 
Golf, athletic club, spa, tennis, spa, dining, winter activities + cross-country skiing, catering & restaurants.

Where do you see the Snowmass Club in 5 years?
In 5 years, we hope to continue to be a private high-level club and look to enhance services/facilities for our members. We have quite a bit of renovations underway to our facilities. We are very committed to the long-term. We want to become more involved in the town of Snowmass Village and determine how we can help the town be successful. 

When did you (Rick) take over as COO and general manager? 
I took over in July of 2019. A little overview about the club: 70% of our members do not live here - majority second homeowners. Keeping them informed has been challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as, keeping all 150-200 staff members all on the same page. Eric Witmondt is the majority owner of the Snowmass Club. He is from New Jersey originally and is very invested in this community, he sees long-term and wants his grandchildren around to enjoy all Snowmass has to offer. Rick has a great reputation and tremendous passion for the Aspen/Snowmass valley.



Rick Sussman

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