Rulon/Kelly: Real Estate Agents Specializing in Luxury Real Estate in Aspen-Snowmass

Preparation is key for selling your property in the Aspen/Snowmass real estate market. It’s important to make sure your property looks its best, that you have the best candidates see your property, and have the best answers ready before the questions are asked. Greg and Stacey research your property before sitting down to discuss actually listing your property. This discovery period is crucial to get your property sold in the least amount of time for the best price.

First, they review the current market to give you information to make an educated decision on how much to list your property. It is ultimately up to you the final sales price, but Greg and Stacey will work with you in order to get the property seen by the right buyer. Pricing your property right the first time is imperative for a successful sale.

Second, Greg and Stacey make sure brokers have the right information about your property to help them find potential buyers. Real estate brokers don’t want to search for answers when they have limited time with a potential buyer. Instead, real estate brokers will show the properties that already have the answers for them to share with their clients. Greg and Stacey will ask you the questions that potential buyers and real estate brokers will ask. They will assist you in getting the right tools and aides to help answer those questions.

Third, they will negotiate your offers for you with your goals in mind. It is important to get the deal done, but even more important to get it done right, which means that your needs are answered. They review the current market and compare it to your potential sale. Also, they make sure the timing and other key factors are going to be a benefit for you.

Finally, Greg and Stacey are here for you well after the sale. Over half of their new business is a repeat client or a referral from those clients. That's because they understand the need to be a good person first, and the business will follow.