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Technology for your home is smarter than ever. EPIC Home highlights the latest and greatest smart home devices and apps that not only help simplify tasks but helps streamline everyday life.

For every homeowner, certain luxuries are a NEED, not simply a want. Solid, reliable and fast WiFi, a Television and sound system that works, ALL the time. Today, SONOS, NEST, ALEXA and RING are hot topics in the world of audio and visual technology. SONOS is known for their excellent sound quality and wireless speaker technology that ANYONE can set up and operate from a smartphone. It’s easy, offers an endless variety of music choices and the sound quality is superb. But did you know that SONOS can also be integrated into an existing sound system? SONOS will play your personal playlist through the existing speakers in your ceiling or walls. With ALEXA, voice control of your home is now a reality. You can literally speak into the air... “Alexa, turn on the lights in the kitchen to 50%”. And she does it! She will also turn on the newest Smart TV’s and play your music playlist. NEST thermostats and cameras are amazing - homeowners love the ability to monitor and adjust their vacations homes temperature at the touch of a finger, while vacationing in Barbados. They can also see exactly who is coming and going while they are out of town, ON THEIR PHONE!

With companies like GOOGLE, AMAZON and SONY backing this newest technology, this is only the beginning. These companies want EVERYONE to have a smart home. So, they have made it easy and affordable. Your teenager is more than capable of installing and programming a NEST camera, which you can watch remotely on your smartphone. If they, or you don’t want to do this programming and installation yourself, EPIC Home Integration in Basalt can supply you with NEST, ALEXA, RING and SONOS. Everything you need to have your Aspen/Snowmass home controlled and monitored quickly and affordably.

If your Audio/Visual needs run towards the upper end of the spectrum, the owner of EPIC, Jason Kohout, is an avid tech junkie and audiophile. Let EPIC build your award-winning home theatre and the listening room of your dreams using SONY OLED TV’S, ORIGIN ACOUSTICS, BANG & OLAFSON, KEF and PRIMALUNA. If you can dream it, EPIC can build it.

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