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Fall is the perfect time to complete home improvement projects -- see Kristin Dittmar’s tips for projects to wrap up before winter arrives.

Many of the homes in Snowmass Village were built in the late 60’s and late 70’s. While there have been new homes built within the last couple of years, many of our beloved homes fall under the category of tear-down or complete gut job. For those looking to improve their home on a small scale, what would suggest as remodeling features that make a big impact?

I have found that many of these homes have very dark interiors, with dark stained ceilings and old stone walls. I try everything I can to make them lighter and brighter. A good starting point to remodel is the kitchen. If you can open-up the kitchen to the rest of the living area, it makes the home flow better.

What are your 5 design tricks to bring a home up to date?

  1. Undermount sinks
  2. White toilets
  3. NO carpet in bathrooms
  4. Open spaces, people love open floor plans
  5. Lighter walls in main living areas

How would you describe your overall aesthetic?

I pride myself in a “mountain modern” style that’s comfortable and chic. I love to work with different natural textures. Of course, I love white!

Where do you source inspiration?

This is a tricky question; I never know where I’m going to get a new idea or what’s going to pull together a project. I’ve received inspiration from hiking, traveling, and from being stuck on the sofa with a broken elbow.

 What’s your favorite space/room to decorate in a home?

This all depends on the project but I think bathrooms are fun to design because of all the textures and materials I’m able to use.


Kristin Dittmar

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