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buy and sell real estate with The Rulon Kelly Team

Real estate needs change during lifetime, and The Rulon Kelly Team is here to help with those changes. Recently, The Rulon Kelly Team made their client's real estate dreams a reality.

Their clients fell in love with Snowmass on an early childhood trip. As adults, they wanted nothing more then to share their experiences and memories with their children, so they bought an Owl Creek Townhome with the help of The Rulon Kelly Team. They quickly realized the dream of a second home in Snowmass turned into transitioning to a more full-time home (even after completely remodeling their Owl Creek Townhome).

Next was the task for The Rulon Kelly Team to search for a "forever" home in Snowmass. The Rulon Kelly Team helped their clients purchase 1061 Two Creek Drive for 83% of asking price, and sell their Owl Creek Townhome for almost a $1 million over the other sales and under contract within 31 days.

Now is the time to look at your real estate portfolio and reflect how your needs may have changed. The Rulon Kelly Team can advise you with a detailed market analysis. Plus, the Rulon Kelly Team has a trusted network of like-minded Realtors to help you achieve your goals in Aspen Snowmass and beyond.


Carlie Umbarger

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